Truck Driver Employers

When you start driving, the trick is connecting with the right company. There are several obvious choices. If you do a simple Internet search, you’ll turn up several of the big national companies that specialize in hiring new drivers. Several firms won’t hire a driver straight out of CDL school. Many firms require at least a year of experience before they are willing to hire.

As a newbie, that leaves you in a sticky predicament. You need experience to get a job, but in order to get experience, you have to get a job first. Some driving firms have spotted an opportunity in the labor market for drivers. By hiring recent CDL grads, large firms can pay their drivers less money.

Many drivers refer to these groups as “training” companies, because they basically provide on-the-job training for drivers.

TruckingJobFinder shows you how to find out which companies are more likely to provide a reputable training ground that will start you on the right road to a rewarding driving career.

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What You Will Learn

  • Determine which training companies are a good match before you accept a job.
  • Spot red flags that should be warning you to stay away.
  • What to expect during your training year.
  • How to get through the first year.

Beyond the Big Boys

If you are interested in becoming a truck driver, you don’t have to limit yourself to a handful of large national companies. Although the industry has grown smaller in the past ten years, creating a trucking industry in which the small firms keep getting rolled over by the big groups, there is a wide range of interesting places to look for trucking jobs.

TruckingJobFinder provides in-depth information about truck driver specialties. Most of these niche markets don’t require additional training, but they might be better suited to people with particular personality traits. If you can’t stand working with people, for example, you probably ought to avoid a job that involves continuous customer interaction.

Why Does Finding the Right Job Matter?

Sometimes, when you need a job, the only thing that matters is finding work. If you’re hungry and the rent is due, you don’t care much about whether your future boss might be a tyrant in disguise. You might not even care if the work resembles anything you really want to do with your life. And you might think the right job doesn’t matter, because you can either stick it out or switch jobs.

In trucking, there may not be any one perfect job – especially for entry-level drivers who are just starting out. However, finding a job that allows you to function safely and effectively without major drama or mishaps for one year will make your life much easier when you go to search for other jobs. If you jump around from one trucking firm to the next, potential bosses might be reluctant to hire you for fear you’ll jump ship and leave them in the worst possible situation: holding a load that has no driver.

While you may not be able to get your dream job your first time out, we can help you avoid some major pitfalls that many people make.


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