Class A CDL Employment Opportunities

If you want to drive a tractor-trailer, you will need to get a Class-A CDL. Most long-haul and cross-country trucking requires a CDL-A. In order to keep as many employment opportunities as possible available, you will want to get as many endorsements on your license as possible.

Endorsements increase the kinds of vehicles you can drive and cargo you can carry. There are special endorsements for:

TruckingJobFinder explains the endorsements that are in the highest demand throughout the industry, and how to get them. If you don’t have one of these endorsements, you can’t drive that type of vehicle or cargo, and that will limit the number of employers who are willing to hire you, and the amount of money you can make over the long-term.

Class-A drivers with the right endorsements can drive any vehicle that requires a Class-B or C license, like a straight truck, passenger bus or van carrying hazardous materials.

Types of Class-A Jobs

With a Class-A license, you can haul just about any kind of cargo you can think of, either across country or across town. Here are some examples of Class-A jobs:

  • Hauling gasoline to filling stations
  • Carrying sodium cyanide to gold mines in Canada
  • Taking building materials to construction sites
  • Delivering ice cream to grocery stores

TruckingJobFinder provides many detailed job descriptions with specific information about what life is like for drivers of different types of cargo, in different vehicles, carrying different trailers and traveling different routes.

Have you ever driven past a flatbed trailer full of lumber and wondered how the drivers make sure that load is safely secured? Have you ever thought about how you manage to sleep when you’re hauling a tanker full of potentially lethal chemicals across the country? TruckingJobFinder has the information.

Types of Class-A Vehicles

Here are some of the vehicles you can drive with a CDL-A, described in-depth in TruckingJobFinder:


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