Schools For Truck Driving

Many drivers choose to attend a truck driving school to get the behind-the-wheel skills they need to pass their CDL exam. No matter how often you read the manual, there is no substitute for actual behind-the-wheel time. Unless if you have access to your own tractor-trailer you can drive whenever you want, you will probably need to attend truck-driving school.

There are hundreds of truck driving schools in the country, but how do you know which schools are a good deal?

TruckingJobFinder will help you navigate through the maze of trucking school options to understand which choices will provide you with a better education, which will end up costing you more money in the long term, and which will help you become the safest, most effective (and highly paid) driver you can be.

Paying for Trucking School

Once you select the right school, you have to figure out how to pay for it. TruckingJobFinder provides helpful tips and creative ways to pay for your education. If you are considering doing company-paid training with a truck driving organization, you owe it to yourself to read our detailed information about the benefits and pitfalls of company-paid training.

There are many ways to pay for truck driving school, including:

  • Loans
  • Grants
  • Veterans benefits

The right choice for you will depend on your personal situation, background, and how much cash you have right now – but don’t limit yourself to company-paid training without researching the options carefully.

Scam Alert

Even though some trucking companies claim they offer “free” training, nothing is really free. TruckingJobFinder explains the trade-offs involved when you chose a free training option. We provide tips for navigating the company-training process and avoiding major pitfalls that could damage your career and cost you money in the long-term.

School Alternatives

Driving school is not a requirement 100% of the time. It is possible to learn to drive a tractor-trailer safely and effectively without paying a dime in school tuition. These options can be a much longer road to a trucking career, but if you are thinking about your long-term options (not what you want to do next week) then check out our driver training alternative options.


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