Local Truck Driver Jobs

Local truck driving jobs have the advantage of keeping you in your community. Depending on the kind of truck you drive, you might be able to use your regular driver’s license, or you may need to get a CDL-A or B.

Local drivers are more likely than their long-haul counterparts to work directly with the end customer. As a local truck driver, you might even run the same route every day and meet with the same customers several times a week. A driver on a local route for a delivery company, for example, would drop off packages in the same city each day, and would get to know their customers well.

Some examples of local truck driving opportunities are express package delivery, product delivery to retail stores, furniture delivery to customers and home improvement warehouse deliveries.

Local truck drivers generally make a few dollars less per hour than long-haul drivers. They also have to deal with more frustration from city traffic tie-ups and unhappy end customers. In exchange, local drivers have fairly predictable schedules that make it possible to be around for kids, spouses and friends.

Even though the pay may be a little lower, local jobs are more widely available, especially with the higher-paying employers. TruckingJobFinder members have access to information about which kinds of companies are looking to hire local drivers.

Getting the Job

Many companies prefer to hire experienced drivers with at least a year of experience. Some local companies will hire new drivers, but you might have to accept some trade-offs in exchange, like lower pay or more loading and unloading.

If your ideal company only hires experienced drivers, make the most of your training time with the first company that takes you on. Take advantage of any training opportunities you can get, keep your record spotless, and try to make connections at your ideal job that can help you get your foot in the door once you’re hired.

Job Postings

Before you can get the job, you have to know it’s out there. TruckingJobFinder has a large listing of the best new local truck driving job opportunities that employers are looking to fill right now.


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