Types of Trucking Positions (Industry Sectors)

TruckingJobFinder gives you detailed information about a variety of truck driver jobs. When you first think about driving truck, the first image that comes to mind might be driving goods from a factory in Michigan to a store in Atlanta. However, there is so much more to trucking. As the economy has grown more global over the past few decades, more manufacturing has moved overseas.


Truckers frequently carry loads from the docks to distribution centers in the US. They also pick up loads at railroad terminals and carry them directly to customers. People who need to move freight from one place to another are always looking for the fastest delivery times and least expense, so the way freight moves in the US changes over time depending on how expensive it is to ship by rail or road. TruckingJobFinder will help you understand industry changes and give you an accurate picture of the way the industry is today.


No doubt, regional driving jobs are widely available in the trucking industry. As customers continue to focus on cost efficiency, many organizations prefer to have different suppliers move freight to regional distribution centers, where truckloads are then sent directly to stores. TruckingJobFinder explains how the trend toward regional trucking has changed the job market and the way truckers do their jobs.


Many drivers got into the business because of the lure of long-haul driving. Sometimes called over-the-road jobs (OTR), long-haul driving can take you to every corner of the US and Canada. TruckingJobFinder can show you exactly what life is like as a long-haul truck driver so you can see if this lifestyle will really work for you. We also provide in-depth information about trucking companies that hire long-haul drivers.


Pickup and Delivery, or pickup and delivery drivers carry freight from one customer to another. TruckingJobFinder show you leading companies that are hiring P&D drivers right now.


Instead of driving a truck the company owns, owner-operators own or lease their equipment and hire their services out to freight companies. TruckingJobFinder discusses in-depth the advantages and disadvantages of being an owner operator, how to find a good deal on leasing or buying equipment, and how to manage your finances once you start working for yourself.


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