Truck Driver Compensation

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, if you drive a tractor-trailer truck, you are likely to earn an average wage of a little more than $18 per hour. If you drive a delivery truck, you will probably make a little less – just over $13 per hour.

As a driver on the road, your actual earnings depend on a lot of different factors, like the amount of time you spend moving versus waiting for cargo or stuck in traffic. TruckingJobFinder explains the factors that make up a driver’s actual pay so that you can make the most of your driving job.

How Truck Drivers are Paid

In general, drivers get paid in one of three ways: by the hour, by the load, or by the mile. City deliver drivers who stay in the same town and travel the same route (like UPS drivers) are normally paid by the hour. Hourly employees may be able to earn overtime pay when work is really busy.

Long-haul or over-the-road drivers are paid by the mile, which means you want the longer hauls in order to make more money, and sitting still waiting for a load or for a delivery dock to open costs you money.

Owner-operators sometimes get paid by the load. This means the contracting company pays them a set percentage of the revenue for the load.

Each of these payment methods has its benefits and drawbacks: TruckingJobFinder shows you what questions to ask before you take on a job to make sure you know exactly how much money you’re going to make.


Every company offers its own benefits package. Some companies offer tuition reimbursement, on-the-job training, advancement paths, medical, dental, vision, mental health care, and even flexible spending accounts so you can pay your medical bills out of your pre-tax money. TruckingJobFinder analyzes the benefits packages of many of the top trucking firms.


Owner-operators generally have no extra benefits like dental or medical insurance: TruckingJobFinder shows you how to make sure you’re covered even if you’re self-employed.

Make More Money

TruckingJobFinder will show you the right questions to ask and the most effective steps to take to make sure that whichever way you get paid, you are earning the best money you can.


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