Fleet Management Jobs

Fleet managers work in any kind of company that has a lot of vehicles. Power companies, trucking companies, car and equipment rental companies, national retailers, waste management firms, cities and towns, school bus systems and bus transportation firms all hire fleet managers.

People usually move into this job after years of experience as mechanics, foremen and supervisors. As a fleet manager, you help decide on a maintenance plan for the company’s vehicles. You are also responsible for increasing the cost-effectiveness of the fleet, by finding ways to get better gas mileage and decrease down time. Fleet managers participate in budget preparation, report to senior management on operating costs, and plan for vehicle replacement as the fleet ages.

Fleet managers are responsible for making sure the company complies with federal requirements from organizations like OSHA, DOT and DHS. They also have to be sure safety policies are complete and well-adhered-to. They also use technology like word-processing, spreadsheet and email software to communicate with upper-level managers and staff members.

Depending on the size of the company, fleet managers may have to travel often to visit the different parts of the fleet and meet with local managers.

Pay for this job varies greatly, depending on region of the country, size of the fleet, and size of the company, but you might expect to earn from $50,000 to $100,000 per year.


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