Greyhound Bus Driver Employment

Greyhound is a passenger bus line that operates between cities in the US and Mexico. The organization was established in 1914, and according to the company website, it employs 7,000 people in 80 locations across the country. Greyhound operated nearly 5.4 billion passenger miles in 2015, and carried nearly 18 million people.

They also operate BoltBus in the US Northeast, Pacific Northwest and California. These premium brands are encouraging a new, younger, passenger demographic and helping to spur the renaissance in intercity coach travel, which has been growing every year since 2006. Passengers also feed into these point-to-point services from right across our unique nationwide network.

Greyhound offers a CDL training program for qualified applicants to become drivers. It is a three-phase training program. Phase I is unpaid training that you can either do part-time or full-time. The part-time option takes about five days with four hours a day of instructional time and the full time option takes a day and a half. During Phase I, candidates receive no pay, but they follow a self-guided computer-based training program. If students pass the tests in the training program with at least 80 percent, then they may be invited to move on to Phase II.

Phase II provides students with behind-the-wheel training at one of Greyhound’s driver training schools. The company provides housing and meals, and you will get a per diem allowance. This phase lasts about two weeks, and you will log about 40 hours of hands-on driving time. The school also addresses log books and customer service. If you pass all the requirements, you will have a CDL with passenger and air brake endorsements. After completing Phase II, Greyhound may invite you to continue for Phase III.

Phase III is driver finishing school, when you spend three weeks working with a driving mentor and learning routes around your base city. In this phase, you continue to focus on safety, proper log book techniques, customer service and customer procedure. You complete both computer-based training and hands-on training as you log at least 70 hours of behind the wheel time. At the end of Phase III, the company administers a final road test and assessment. If you pass, then you will be a full employee of Greyhound.


To qualify for a Greyhound driver job, students must meet all the federal CDL requirements, pass a DOT physical and drug test, and be able to obtain a CDL with passenger and air brake endorsements.

Greyhound also has specific grooming standards for drivers. You will have to wear a uniform, and your hair will have to be cut conservatively with no conspicuous jewelry for women and no beards for men.

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