Employment Opportunities with FedEx

Most of the driving jobs with FedEx are with the freight division. According to the company’s website, FedEx was founded as Federal Express in 1971, and adopted its current shortened name in 2000. Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, there are several companies worldwide that fall under the FedEx umbrella. All together, FedEx’s 2015 revenue was $47.5 billion. Worldwide, 323,035 team members ship more than 9 million packages per day. FedEx operates more than 100,000 motorized vehicles for delivery. FedEx was ranked as one of “Fortune” Magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” in 2016. FedEx was ranked #8 in 2016. This is the 16th consecutive year that FedEx has ranked among the top 20, with 13 of those years ranking among the top 10.

In Focus: FedEx Courier Jobs

Road Driver

Road drivers with FedEx Freight carry packages long distances by ground. They may drive shipments between service centers or to turn-around points in between, where they exchange trailers with another driver and return home.

Road drivers might drive double-or triple trailers. In addition to normal hooking and unhooking, safety requirements and compliance with federal and state regulations, FedEx drivers have to maintain accurate records of all cargo in the shipment.

FedEx road drivers are required to have a valid CDL with one year of experience and a hazmat endorsement.

City Driver

City drivers move freight between the service centers and customers. In this job, you might make several stops at customer locations throughout the day, picking up and delivering freight. You might have to collect money for shipping charges. There is an element of salesmanship to this job: your goal is to get the customer to ship more freight through FedEx, so in addition to delivering, loading and unloading packages, you will also be trying to find new ways you can service that customer. This job is a good fit for a CDL driver who truly enjoys working with people and has a knack for sales.

Driver Development Instructor

FedEx freight does offer a training program to qualified applicants who don’t yet have their CDL. Dock workers and others within the company may apply for this apprenticeship program. Driver development instructors teach candidates the skills they need to pass the written and practical CDL exams. To qualify for this position, you must have a valid CDL, an excellent driving record and an exemplary attitude about the company. When instructors aren’t teaching, they work as city drivers.

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