Freightliner Truck Manufacturing Jobs

The Freightliner brand of trucks started out in the 1930s, when Leland James, who was the president of a trucking company called Consolidated Freightways, was looking for a way to haul more payload with less weight. His idea was to build a light, durable truck out of aluminum instead of steel. James took his idea to several truck manufacturers, but at the time aluminum wasn’t regularly used for industrial applications. Unable to find an existing manufacturer who was willing to build what he wanted, James decided to build it himself. He hired a group of engineers who made his vision a reality. James’ trucks had a cab-over-engine design, and they were lighter, more durable, and easier to handle than the other trucks on the market in those days. Not surprisingly, other companies wanted to buy James’ trucks; in 1940, Freightways Manufacturing Company began producing the vehicles in Salt Lake City. In 1942, the company changed its name to Freightliner.

In the 1980s, Freightliner became a part of Daimler Trucks North America LLC, a Daimler company, now the largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer in North America. Daimler Trucks North America has its headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Including affiliated companies, the company employs 20,000 people and builds more than 100,000 units per year in manufacturing facilities located in North Carolina, Michigan, Oregon, South Carolina and Mexico.

If you are enthusiastic about trucks, but don’t want to spend your life on the road, a career with Freightliner could give you the opportunity to be in the environment you love without logging the miles.

CAReer program

Daimler’s CAReer program is targeted toward recent college graduates with a business-related degree. The 12 to 15 month program is broken up into three major segments. In the first segment, the new hire works in the sector where they would like to work permanently. For example, if you have an accounting degree and want to work in an accounting office, your first segment of the program would be in accounting at Daimler. During this time, you would do additional training and work with your peers in the program. Then, after completing a project at the end of Phase One, you’ll move on to another department doing a different job function. In Phase Two, there is more training and another group assignment. In the final phase, participants work in a completely different job function, designed to give you a more well-rounded view of the company as a whole. For details about the CAReer program, or to apply, visit the website (link below).


Engineers at Daimler use technology to design trucks and truck parts for safe, reliable and competitive vehicles. This job function usually requires a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Opportunities range from entry-level to supervisory.

Customer Support

Customer support professionals work closely with fleet managers, distributors and dealers. Professionals in this job contact their clients frequently to make sure their needs are being met, and resolve any issues before they become problems. The goal of the customer-support worker is to increase future sales by keeping the customer happy. This job involves excellent personal skills, familiarity with the brand and an ability to understand technical issues.



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