Job Opportunities with Kenworth

Kenworth Truck Company builds premium commercial vehicles for sale in the US, Canada, Mexico and Australia and for export throughout the world. Kenworth has an interesting history that started in the early years of the 20th century. At that time in Seattle, a businessman named Edgar Worthington was managing a building with a car and truck dealership. Automobiles were just starting out, not very many had been sold, and the mechanics in the shop had some time on their hands. In order to stay busy, they spent their spare time custom-building a truck that would take them a year to complete. The Gersix, as it was called, became fairly popular in the Northwest. But in 1917, the car and truck dealership went up for sale, and Edgar Worthington decided to buy it with his partner Frederick Kent. They initially called it the Gersix motor company.

Over the coming years, the company grew at a steady pace. In 1923, the company reorganized and took the name Kenworth. When space became tight, it moved to a new facility. When government weight restrictions for trucks tightened up, Kenworth responded by using lighter aluminum parts.

Kenworth has continued to grow and prosper in the following decades. The brand is well-known for emphasizing driver comfort in design by incorporating closet space in the berth and better suspension and sound control for the cab/sleeper compartment.

Kenworth is a part of PACCAR, which also manufactures Peterbilt trucks. Kenworth employees enjoy the excellent benefits package PACCAR provides. The company has a wide range of job openings for engineers and accounting professionals.



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