Auto Delivery Jobs

Auto delivery drivers move vehicles from one place to another. Markets for this service include people who need to move expensive cars to shows, people who bought cars over EBay and need to get them shipped, dealerships who have ordered shipments of cars, and shops that buy old vehicles from around the country to cut up for parts. If you love cars, you might enjoy transporting them from coast to coast. You can either buy your own truck and car-carrier to work as an owner-operator, or you can work directly for a car-carrying company.

Car Carriers

There are a couple of different kinds of car carriers you might use for this job. If you are going to specialize in carrying rare, antique or irreplaceable cars, then you should invest in an enclosed trailer for your customers’ vehicles.

Open-air carriers are somewhat less expensive. You can either get a 10-car stinger, which involves making modifications to your truck so that you can load a car right over the cab, or a 6-8 car model that mounts at the fifth wheel and doesn’t require any modifications to the truck. With a 10-car stinger, you can haul more cars per load, which makes each run more profitable. The smaller carriers are generally easier to load and unload, which saves time loading and unloading. Because they don’t require special modifications to your truck, you have the flexibility to haul trailers if you need to.


Whether you work as a company driver or operate your own equipment, you will need to have an accurate tracking mechanism so that your customers know where their vehicles are at all times and when the shipment is set to arrive. Computer tracking systems allow customers to check shipment status in real time.


Since you could be carrying several hundred-thousand-dollars’ worth of vehicles, you will have to carry a lot of insurance. As an owner-operator, this expense can cut deep into your profit margins. Although you can do everything within your power to drive safely, it is extremely easy to damage a vehicle in transit. You can scratch the paint during loading and unloading. Road debris can crack windshields. One option for managing insurance costs is selecting a high-deductible policy and fixing any minor issues out of your own pocket before delivering the vehicle to the customer.


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