YRC Worldwide Truck Driving Jobs

YRC Worldwide came about as a result of the merger of Roadway in Akron, Ohio, and Yellow Transportation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The company has its headquarters in Overland Park, KS, and a corporate office in Akron. Other companies within YRC Worldwide are New Penn, YRC Reimer, Holland, Reddaway and Glen Moore.

YRC transports industrial, commercial, and retail goods across North America. The company places strong emphasis on advanced information technologies and customer service.

History of YRC

YRC began in 1924, when A.J. Harrell founded a bus and taxi service called Yellow Cab Transit Co. in Oklahoma City. When he first started the company, Harrell commissioned a study to determine which color was the easiest to see from a great distance. Chemists at E.I. Dupont found that color to be a bright orange called “Swamp Holly Orange,” and Harrell immediately selected the color for his Yellow fleet. The unmistakable orange color helped the drivers operate more safely, and it also called attention to the company and increased name recognition.

Roadway Express started out in Akron, Ohio, in December 1930. Founder Galen Roush took a hands-on approach. If a rush order came in for which he could not find a truck or driver, Roush would rent a truck and deliver the shipment himself.

The third component of what is now YRC began as Reimer in 1952, when teenager D.S. Reimer started running one of the first east-west trucking companies in Canada. By 1969, Reimer had expanded to include coast-to-coast Canadian coverage.

Roadway acquired Reimer Express in 1997, which created one company able to transport goods from Mexico to Canada. In 2003, Yellow came into the mix and the three merged companies took the name YRC, Inc. Today, YRC employs more than 60,000 people worldwide.

YRC Drivers

YRC hires experienced line-haul and city drivers. For both jobs, the company website states they are looking for candidates with a valid Class-A CDL with a hazmat endorsement and minimum one-year and 50,000 miles verifiable driving experience operating similar-type equipment. Previous line-haul experience is also required.

Dock Workers

Dock workers sort, handle, load and unload freight into equipment or containers. Some dock worker positions are on-call or as needed. In some cases, the dock workers sometimes fill in for city drivers.

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