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Peterbilt Motors designs, manufactures and distributes premium commercial vehicles in the US and Canada. Peterbilt has manufacturing facilities in Ste Therese, Quebec and Denton, Texas, where the headquarters is also located. Peterbilt also has regional sales offices throughout the US and Canada. Peterbilt, along with Kenworth, is a part of PACCAR.

The seeds of the modern company started out with an organization called Fageol Motors of Oakland, California. In 1938, Fageol went up for sale and T.A. Peterman, a logger and plywood manufacturer in Tacoma, Washington, bought it. Peterman needed to add more trucks to his fleet, and he saw the existing business as a great way to build exactly what he needed.

At the same time, the nation’s highway system was expanding and trucks were beginning to replace horse-drawn wagons for deliveries. C.L. Cummins was successfully marketing the diesel engine to truckers. The modern transportation system we know today was starting to develop.

In the early years, Peterbilt concentrated on understanding exactly what truckers needed and wanted. During World War II, the company built trucks for government contracts, and when peacetime returned, Peterbilt took all the lessons learned back into the commercial sector. After Peterman died in 1945, the company continued manufacturing trucks until his widow decided to sell the property on which the facility was located. Not wanting to take out a $2 million loan to build a new plant, managers decided to sell the business. That’s when PACCAR came into the picture. Pacific Car and Foundry, as it was known then, which also owned rival manufacturer Kenworth, bought Peterbilt and moved operations to a new plant in Newark, California.

In addition to PACCAR corporate jobs, Peterbilt has regional dealerships around the country. Each of the dealerships is privately owned and independently operated. Each does its own hiring and recruiting. For information about openings in local dealerships, which may include sales, marketing, office workers, and diesel mechanics, contact your local dealership.

For information about PACCAR corporate positions, check the PACCAR website.

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