Mayflower Driving Jobs

Mayflower Transit Co. got its start in 1927 when Conrad Gentry and Don Kenworthy started a moving business. At that time, people who needed to move long distances usually shipped their household items by railroad, but the nation’s network of paved roads was getting bigger. Mayflower took advantage of those roads and offered people a new option in long-distance moving: door-to-door shipping by truck with no railroad transfer. The business has been growing ever since, and Mayflower has become a household name in moving. Now, the company moves households, offices, trade show equipment, store displays, and provides people with the tools they need to do all their moving themselves.

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Special Commodities

Mayflower packages and moves electronics, trade shows, offices and other special “pad wrapped” items. For example, they may move a trade show display from a company headquarters to the show and home again. Mayflower’s specialty logistics service also helps businesses manage their inventory by allowing retailers to receive products just as they are needed, so they don’t have to store them for long periods of time. Other special commodities might include valuable artwork, medical and pharmaceutical equipment, computers and auto parts. This group does not carry hazmats.

The special commodities opportunity is for owner-operators or experienced drivers interested in becoming owner/operators. These contractors work for Mayflower World Headquarters and travel to the continental US and Canada.

As an owner-operator opportunity, the best candidates for this job are people with solid tractor-trailer driving experience and a reliable tractor or the ability to buy one. In this job, you will deal directly with business customers and be expected to wear a Mayflower uniform. Mayflower will also make your truck look like it belongs with their fleet by adding decals and numbers.

According to Mayflower’s website, special commodities drivers are paid weekly. The company also assigns a trailer with company-paid tires and maintenance.

If you don’t already own your tractor but you have good credit and stable work history, it might be possible to work out a truck lease through Mayflower or a third party.

Household Goods Fleet

Mayflower moves families across country and across town. Depending on the customer’s needs, employees may come in to the home and pack the entire home. If necessary, they can also store household items for as long as necessary before move-in. Drivers for Mayflower don’t have to pack up the homes, but they are required to have at least one year of confirmed tractor-trailer OTR driving with a clean record, CDL-A and moving industry experience.



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